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A Tough Decision
by Chris North

In the living room of a neat little suburban house, two ladies are seated. On the couch sits Louise, a pretty, dark haired girl in her early 20's dressed in a short, light blue summer dress. There is a small travel bag lying on the floor next to her. The other lady is her Aunt Lucy, perhaps in her mid forties, who is seated on an easy chair listening to her niece talking...

"So you see Aunt Lucy, its just driving me nuts. Should I go back to College or stick with my steady job? You know how I hate making big decisions. It makes me all kind of moody and cranky"; she looked at her Aunt pleadingly. "You always knew what to do when I was younger. Please, you've got to help me now."

"Well", her Aunt replied with a smile. "It was a little easier when you were younger. If you got into one of your wild moods I could give you a good old fashioned spanking on your naughty bottom, and a lot of hugs after. Then off you'd go to bed all calm and like a little angel. I'd tuck you in and you would sleep so peacefully. Then in the morning we'd talk about what was really making you mad. It worked for you when you were little."

Aunt Lucy smiled at her niece's serious face. "You used to drive your dear folks crazy you know. They just couldn't handle you when you threw one of your appalling tantrums! Let her stay with me for a few days, I'd say, and sure enough you'd go back to them all sweetness and light after you got your bottom warmed over my knee and had a good cry that is!" she laughed remembering.

"Oh Please! Aunt Lucy I need your help now. I just can't make up my mind. I know it's an important decision and I'm running away from making it but, but..." She became more agitated and her voice started to rise. "I just can't get my head clear and its so frustrating and I just don't know what to do!" She stamped her foot and delivered a quite spectacular pout!

"Calm down Louise", her Aunt said softly but firmly. "We can sort..."

"No, No, I won't calm down", responded Louise, cutting her Aunt off with a defiant glare. "No one will help me and it's not fair! It's just not fair!"

Aunt Lucy's voice became a little sterner and she wagged an admonishing finger at the recalcitrant girl.

"I said calm down Louise and take that look off your face. And don't stamp your foot young lady. I won't put up with your tantrums. You should know that more than anyone! Remember you're twenty years old not ten."

Louise, however, was now in full petulant flight and her notorious hot temper was rising rapidly. With a scream, she proceeded to throw a full-scale kicking and screaming tantrum on Aunt Lucy's couch!

"No one will help me and it's not fair!" wailed Louise with her face in a cushion.

Aunt Lucy shook her head. How many times had she heard that? She stood and went over to Louise who was still wrapped up in her tantrum and banging her fists into the defenseless cushions.

"Oh my, my, you do need a spanking don't you! Stop it Louise! Stop it NOW!"

There was no response. Aunt Lucy shook her head and raised her hand bringing it down hard on the naughty girls wriggling bottom. As hand connected loudly with the naughty behind, the resulting SMACK! certainly made an impression!

Louise froze and stopped her tantrum for a second. She looked up in surprise before bursting into a bout of theatrical tears. Aunt Lucy, however, wasn't having any of this childish display.

"That didn't fool me way back and it isn't going to now young lady." she said and calmly sat on the couch pulling the kicking and screaming Louise over her lap. Wrapping her arm around the slim waist of her naughty young niece, she ignored the protests and threats of a furious Louise and surveyed her "target". It had been some time since she had smacked this or any other bottom. But it was just like riding a bike, she thought, you never forget.

SMACK! Her hand landed squarely on the seat of Louise's summer dress covered bottom.


"Louise reacted loudly and with defiance to the spanks that were now falling in rapid succession. She kicked and bucked and threatened, but was held firmly by a determined Aunt Lucy whose "touch" was returning rapidly!

"Never! (smack) Never! (smack) have I seen such tantrums (smack) from a girl (smack). You're going to learn (smack) Louise (smack) that you can not (smack) get your own way (smack) by acting (smack) like a (smack) naughty little girl (smack) and (smack) throwing (smack) temper tantrums (smack)." "Put me down Aunt Lucy! YEOOWW! Let me up! Don't spank me! OOHHH! It hurts!" cried Louise from her face down and stare at the carpet position. At the other end Aunt Lucy took no notice and smacked the upturned rear with a determination that knew what this young lady needed and was going to get!

"You're not getting off my knee (smack) until I'm satisfied (smack) that you have learned (smack) your lesson (smack) and that lesson is only just beginning (smack)."

Aunt Lucy lifted Louise's summer dress to reveal a little pair of white lacy panties that fit her niece's round but firm little bottom snugly. Aunt Lucy noted with some satisfaction that there was already a bright pink flush developing on the areas of exposed buttock that were not covered by her panties. She resumed her spanking master class.


"OHHH OUCH! Just you stop! I said stop! OWWWW!" demanded a red faced and by now brightly red cheeked Louise. "You can't do this to me!" she screamed.

SLAP! SLAP! "Oh yes I can. SLAP! And I will SLAP! SLAP!" Replied Aunt Lucy and her palm. "You're still my niece SLAP! and I still know what you need" SLAP!

Louise's wails and cries were dramatic as they always were."WAAAA! OWWWWW! No! Please!

Aunt Lucy smiled and tut tutted. This was like old times! "Oh, you hate me do you! How many times have I heard that! Well just you wait until your pants come down and your little bare bottom gets it!" How many times had she used those words in response!

"Oh No! Please Aunt Lucy, I'm so sorry and I don't hate you. I didn't mean it, I'm sorry honest!" panicked Louise knowing that her Aunt was really serious now.

"Too late young lady, too late!"

She slipped the tearful girls pants down her tanned bare legs and resumed a well-deserved spanking. Now Louise's bottom really began to redden as first Lucy slapped her left buttock and then her right before switching to hard spanks across both bare and defenseless cheeks. The sound of a hand slapping a bare bottom is quite unmistakable and so are the tearful pleas of the recipient. Louise's tears and pleas were not original but understandable! Her legs kicked and drummed on the floor and her head and hair jerked wildly with every stinging spank that landed on her burning bottom. She was no longer a mature and poised young woman, but a naughty young niece being spanked over her Auntie's knee.

Aunt Lucy listened to Louise's promises and felt her struggling subside, but knew that the girl needed just one more thing to get this little tantrum fully out of her system.

"And now", she declared. " I think that my hairbrush could be put to good use on your naughty bottom."

"Oh Please Aunt Lucy!" wailed the sorry girl from the carpet. "Not the hairbrush. You know how I hate the hairbrush. I'm sorry and I've learned my lesson. Honest! Please don't whack me with the hairbrush!"

Aunt Lucy, though, knew better. "I think I know what's best for you Louise, and you're going to feel the back of my brush on your behind before bedtime." That also sounded familiar to Lucy and her niece no doubt!

"OOOHHHH!" cried Louise miserably.

"Now up you get and bring it back it from my bedroom. And hurry or you'll get extra whacks for dawdling!"

Louise obeyed and got up rubbing her bright red bare bottom as she dashed from the room. She returned quickly with Aunt Lucy's big wooden oval hairbrush.

"Now back over my knee." Lucy commanded and, like a good girl, Louise stretched herself across her Aunts lap raising her bottom and clenching her eyes shut. Waiting for the last part (she hoped) of her punishment.

WHACK! The hairbrush smacked down solidly on the girl's bottom and raised a sustained wail from Louise's lips and a bright red round blotch on her buttocks."YOWWW! OWWWWWWWW!"

WHACK! "AHHH! OWWWW! WAAAAA!" Aunt Lucy could feel the tantrum ebb away as she continued to apply the hairbrush to the girls bouncing bottom. She didn't stop though until she felt that her niece was ready to stop acting like a spoilt child, grow up and take charge again.

"Never (Whack!) forget (whack) that I will not tolerate (whack) your tantrums (whack) when you're in my home (whack) Whatever your age (whack)" Aunt Lucy stopped the hairbrush spanks and gently lifted Louise to sit on her lap. She was sure that she could feel the heat of Louise's burning bare bottom as the girl shuffled her cheeks around trying to find the most comfortable position!

"Now Louise, do you feel better?" she enquired softly, gently stroking the girl's hair.

Louise rubbed her eyes." Oh Aunt Lucy! I'm sorry. Yes I do feel better, sort of calmer", she said throwing her arms around her wonderful Aunt and hugging her tightly. "But, OOO! My bottom stings. I'd forgotten how hard you spanked!"

Her Aunt laughed. "Well, I had an idea that you were due for a reminder. I think that after a good nights sleep we can have a long talk about what you're going to do with your future. I don't think that it will be such a tough decision in the morning. And whatever you decide, you will have my blessing."

"Now!" She said standing Louise up and giving her a gentle smack on her bare bottom. "Off to bed with you and get some rest. I'll pop up later and tuck you in. I see that you've brought your overnight bag and your room is always ready. My favorite niece is always welcome in my home!"

I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate an "Aunt Lucy" when life sometimes gets too tough!


©2000-2011 Pacific Force, Inc. and Chris North. All Rights Reserved.
This page may not be reproduced in whole or in part on any other website or graphic medium.

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